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Small.com Tools

Website, Digital Maturity Assessment Tool, E-book, and LosGlobos Platform available in the four languages of the project

The tools developed under the Small.com project, Empowering Small Businesses for Sustainability with Digital Transformation, are already available in Portuguese, English, Italian, and Polish. When consulting the SMALL.COM project website, you can select the language in which you wish to view the contents and:

  • Test the digital maturity assessment tool, which is a survey that allows the respondent to assess the digital maturity of their company, as a CEO, manager, employee, and entrepreneur, and diagnose their digital skills necessary to participate in a digital transformation process. After completing and submitting this questionnaire, the respondent can analyze their level of digital maturity in different areas, as they have access to feedback with scoring for the 3 sections: (1) Business Enablers (except if the person filling out the questionnaire is an individual); (2) Digital Human Skills, and (3) Soft Digital Human Skills. 

If you're curious about your level of digital skills, CLICK HERE and start the questionnaire!

  • Download the E-book that gathers information on key digital skills. This E-book is an educational resource to understand the digitalization trends in the main areas of digital transformation, namely, organizational digitalization, process digitalization, product, and service digitalization.

To download the E-book and learn about the main trends and best practices of digital transformation, CLICK HERE.

  • Register, login and navigate the LosGlobos e-learning platform where contents developed under the project, related to digital transformation, are available in the 4 languages. You can also test your knowledge with practical exercises related to each information module.

You can discover all the developed contents and elevate your digital skills. CLICK HERE to register on our platform.

Transnational Meetings

When - February 6th, 2024
Where - Oporto - Portugal (AEP)

AEP hosted the the sixth transnational meeting of the Small.com project on February 6th, 2024, in Oporto. Representatives from all four partners were present to review completed tasks and the work carried out until January 2024. This occasion also served to review pending tasks for the completion of the e-learning platform, website, pilot test and trainer's manual.

Participants discussed the next steps and expected outcomes regarding the project dissemination, the scheduling of the final event that will take place in Portugal, and the preparation and submission of the final report to the national agency.