Nº2 | MAR 2023


Our e-book is available on Small.Com project website! 

The “Digital Transformation in Micro and Small Companies: Trends and Needs” E-book focuses on the deconstruction of a successful "Digital transformation" process, especially when applied to micro and small businesses. However, this E-book was developed having in mind all of those who want to improve their knowledge in the subject. 

From simple explanations of “Digital Transformation” main concepts, to explaining the legal frameworks, this e-book takes a more pragmatic approach in a digital transformation process in Europe. By exploring this e-book, you can know more not only about the opportunities that may develop from the implementation of a digital transformation, but also about the dangers and problems of a digital transformation process. 

Finally, to better exemplify the real and practical concerns, barriers and challenges that individuals face in the implementation of digital solutions in businesses, this e-book provides main conclusions of focus groups and interviews that were carried out in 3 different counties.

This e-book is available in English, and will be available in Portuguese, Italian, and Polish, and it is completely free to download on project website. 

Small.com tool: The Survey

Digital transformation trends directed to micro and small companies

Within the small.com project, Empowering Small Businesses for Sustainability with Digital Transformation, we have developed the "SMALL.COM” assessment tool, a digital transformation maturity survey that allows the respondent, on the one hand, to assess the digital maturity of their company either as CEO, manager, employee and entrepreneur and, on the other hand, to diagnose their digital knowledge, necessary to participate in a digital transformation process.

The questionnaire provides a feedback with scores for the 3 sections: (1) Business Enablers, a very technical part, not present if the person who fills in the questionnaire is a private; (2) Digital Human Skills and (3) Digital Human Soft Skills. This partition allows the user to analyse his digital maturity level in different areas.

In two months, we have already collected more than 200 answers and, just to share some data, the current statistics show that: (a) The age range of the respondents is wide: between 20 and 60 years with a higher percentage in the range 41-50 years (32%); (b) Respondents belong to various professions: managers (11%), entrepreneurs (29%), office workers (38%), private individuals (11%) and students (2%); (b) In general, we note a medium level of knowledge towards digital issues, but looking at the part of human digital skills in the cybersecurity field, we see greater insecurity with a lower level of knowledge. For example, we found that 30% of respondents don't know how to encrypt, password protect, or otherwise secure access to data when it's being sent or stored. The 24% don't know how to check if it's safe to provide personal data in a website and 15% don't know how to protect themselves from unwanted and malicious online encounters and materials.

All the information we are collecting is proving to be very useful for analysing what are the strengths and weaknesses of workers skills related to digital transformation, so as to be able to understand their real needs on the subject.

If you also want to test yourself and if you are curious to know your digital skills level, CLICK HERE and start the questionnaire!

The questionnaire is anonymous and it only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Your contribution is highly important to validate the “SMALL.COM” tool, as well as to assess the current state of digitalization processes within companies and to understand what the expectations could be.

For more information about the project and how to get involved, you can visit the project website here: https://www.smallcom.eu/.

Transnational Meetings

When – March 16th, 2023 
Where – Poznan - Poland (Globalnet) 

The second meeting of the project was held in Poznan (Poland) during the period 16th-17th March 2023. This meeting has been a concrete opportunity to get to know the partners better, analyze the tasks carried out so far by each one as well as organizing the various activities foreseen throughout the project. Specifically, partners discussed the finalization of the project result 1 (E - book) and they analyze the feedback and decide on the improvements of the scanning tool in project result 2 and they conclude the development of the contents for project result 3 Training Kit (massive open online course - MOOC). Additionally, partners discussed the Small.Com e-learning platform and the materials needed to be upload in the website, work plan,  activities and timeline.